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  • June 17, 2018

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  • The Village School reviewed by a parent

    This school is only about money. The directors care about themselves and what they like. They do not care for parents. Class sizes are very big. Every year there are new staff and students. Many of us are moving to public school. The quality of education in public school is much better than the village and does not cost so much. This school is very high tuition, but not quality. There are many better American schools in the area.

    The Village School (13077 Westella Dr) Published on GreatSchools June 11, 2018 Comment

Jun 11

New kid on the block!

I just joined Holiday Inn Houston West Energy Corridor as Sales Manager and wanted to say hello to my neighbors! Please feel free to contact me with any of your guest room, meeting or banquet needs, or questions about our hotel's full service restaurant and bar. Please come in and enjoy our Happy Hour specials!

Jun 07

  • The Village School reviewed by a parent

    This has been a terrible school experience for my family. The only reason the school exists is because of expates that do not know that other American schools are not this bad and it is paid for by their company. Although, the turn over of students is still extremely high with about half of the students in each class leaving each year. It is not just because of moves. Most go to public school once they realize the public school curriculum is better and free. The staff has no idea how to educate students from diverse backgrounds and doesn't even try to do so. If a student comes from a different type of system they think they are behind or that there is something wrong with them. They have no knowledge of international curriculum. They expect all kids to fit in to a specific mold and those that do not are treated as if there is something wrong with them. The head of school is finally leaving, but the mess she created will remain. Staff turnover is extremely high. The good staff leave and the the bad staff stay as they are the ones that are in tight with the administrators and have no accountability. The division heads are all unqualified and their departments are reflective of it. Parents are no welcome on campus and the few events they have are planned during the day and with little notice so they are impossible for working parents to attend. The curriculum is old and not relevant interesting or engaging. My child complained about how his eyes hurt from looking at a computer all day. They advertise being a STEAM school, but the STEM and Arts curriculum is lacking in some areas and not existent in others. It is is far behind other private schools that aren't Steam focused. The MIT and Julliard partnerships do not apply to all age levels and most of the information on the website is not accurate. Teachers yell at the kids and send home rude emails about minor infractions that all kids make. The Elementary building is filthy and falling apart. The kids said there are rat traps out! We have lived in third world country with schools that were better than this one. There is a reason there is a reason so few local students attend this school as locals know how bad the school is. The reputation for the school is so low that it is hard to find another school after attending here.

    The Village School (13077 Westella Dr) Published on GreatSchools June 6, 2018 Comment

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