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  • River Oaks Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    The experience varies from year to year, as teachers retire and new ones replace them. Because I have another experience to compare to this one, ROE is chaotic, fast paced, disorganized, and there is not enough time in the day for teachers to teach advanced math skills, teach a music instrument, or celebrate all the child prodigies amongst them. The teachers do a tremendous job giving the students so much, while the district is providing them with so little to work with. The parents may be the biggest contributing factor to why ROE remains a high rated school. The parents are highly educated and committed to volunteerism at the school. Contrary to popular belief that most parents are wealthy at the school, they are not. Their value is being hardworking committed parents who will teach their own kids math, when the school lags behind. Parents will pay for independent tutors to overcome language barriers. Many parents teach their own kids to speak multiple languages fluently. Parents have taken the initiative to pay for outside instructors to develop extraordinary music, art, and sports talents. Spending great time and money on after school programs to cultivate academic success and talent in their own children. ROE takes credit for academic achievements that are not developed, cultivated, and nurtured during school hours. A child can go through ROE, playing Mozart, reproducing Michelangelo, acquiring trophies for every tech, talent, or sports competition, and remain uncelebrated and invisible at ROE. The student selection for ROE is based on the delicate balance of race, wealth, and the contribution of academic development by educated parents, upholding the caste system. Education that is being administered at River Oaks is neither fully funded or equally distributed among the students. There are certainly better schools, and better experiences for elementary students than River Oaks Elementary. Compared to what is available in HISD, and the innerloop, River Oaks is definitely a top choice. This school will definitely teach Reading and the English Language, intro to STEM careers, Cultural Assimilation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking, Social Class Structure, and the Superiority Complex very well through the IB Units. Once a child emerges from this pressure cooker, they are destined to emerge to be a formidable presence.

    River Oaks Elementary School (2008 Kirby Drive) Published on GreatSchools May 29, 2018 Comment

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