May 19

  • Laurenzo Early Childhood Center reviewed by a parent

    My son had a speech delay and almost immediately after starting here, he began speaking! This pre-school offers both English and Spanish classroom settings. It also focuses on allowing the student to become as independent as possible which may seem cold at first given their ages but proves to be so effective to their continued development and well-being in school. The teachers here, in my experience, have generally seemed polite, courteous, and eager to help with any of my concerns or questions. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and help out as parents. The administration in this school has been professional in my experience as well. The comments I read before allude to a rude front office staff; however, in my experience any curt behavior was mainly concerning the adherence to the written and communicated rules, or lack thereof. This school is small in actual physical size compared to other elementary schools; therefore, the rules limiting the amount of people and additional children (i.e. siblings) is strictly enforced. Please give this school a chance; it has surpassed my expectations and I am more than happy to be a part of it's community.

    Laurenzo Early Childhood Center (205 North Delmar Street) Published on GreatSchools May 18, 2018 Comment

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