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Added Mar 27 2018

The Peeps and jelly beans you find in your Easter basket are generally not toxic to dogs, but they can lead to gastrointestinal upsets, Dr. John Gicking, our criticalist in Tampa, told the Dodo. It's the solid chocolate bunny you have to be wary of. Here's how to keep your pup safe this Easter:

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March 27, 2018
    What Happens To Your Dog If He Eats A Chocolate Bunny?
    Long considered an Easter staple, these adorable cacao creatures can cause your dog some serious discomfort - or worse. "The toxic part of chocolate for dogs is something called theobromine, which is a caffeine-like substance," Gicking tells The Dodo. "Dogs are more sensitive to the caffeine-like effects of theobromine than humans.

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