Apr 24

  • Trafton Academy reviewed by a parent

    Overall, this is a school that is driven by the administration and the teachers -- not the whims of uninformed parents and their children. Some people may not like this b/c it is more of an "old school" approach, but I've found it refreshing in an era of "student as customer" in private education. By sticking to its core values, Trafton has exceeded our expectations for our 6th grade child.

    Trafton Academy (4711 McDermed) Published on GreatSchools April 23, 2018 Comment

Mar 29

  • The Emery/Weiner School reviewed by a parent

    Really bad experience. School does NOT have financial aid for low income or minority students, based on what I was told. Avoid this school, and minorities do not apply. Non-Jewish families are NOT welcomed by the current families or the staff. My child and our family was treated horribly in addition to being openly discriminated against. School administration does not care, only interested in pleasing the white Jewish donors of the school.

    The Emery/Weiner School (9825 Stella Link Road) Published on GreatSchools March 28, 2018 Comment
  • The Emery/Weiner School reviewed by a parent

    My daughter has been at Emery for 3 years of middle school. She love it here. We are not Jewish, and I initially had reservations about whether she would be accepted. She hasn't had any problems and in fact, she quite enjoys the school. Academics are challenging and the children are taught to really develop deep and analytical thinking. This is not an easy school. Students must work to be successful. Teachers and administrators are caring, helpful, and seem to genuinely care about the students. My daughter wants to remain at EWS for High School. Emery is a solid choice.

    The Emery/Weiner School (9825 Stella Link Road) Published on GreatSchools March 28, 2018 Comment

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