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What are badges?

Badges are a fun way to gain recognition as a regular EveryBlock contributor and, most importantly, as a helpful neighbor. All earned badges show up on a user's profile page.

Be a Trailblazer

The Trailblazer badge is voluntary. By signing up, you offer to help EveryBlock grow in your neighborhood. Including:

Post good stuff. Trailblazers should post a message or event in their neighborhood four times within a month. Need some inspiration? Here are some popular posts from other active neighborhoods.

Spread the word. Distribute EveryBlock flyers to your friends and neighbors. You can hand them out at neighborhood meetings or leave a stack at a local coffee shop.

Contribute quality comments

You can earn the Blockstar badge by garnering a lot of thanks on your comments. Once you've posted 25 comments to EveryBlock, and you've earned an above-averge number of thanks per contribution, you'll be named a Blockstar. As a way to show off how awesome you are, we'll show this badge next to your picture on every one of your comments.

Earn the Neighbor badge by agreeing to the Community Ideals.

Help your new neighbors out

Earn the Welcome Wagon badge by commenting on an EveryBlock newcomer's first post.

Make a good impression

Post a message during your first week and you'll get the Up-and-comer badge. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Do you know about festivals, block parties and fundraisers in your neighborhood? Post an event during your first week to earn the Calendar keeper badge.

EveryBlock Staff

The EB badge is reserved for EveryBlock moderators and staff. When a neighbor has this icon you can be assured they are speaking on behalf of Everyblock.