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Added May 20 2018

Inspection date
May 18, 2018
Business name
Routine inspection

This is an unannounced inspection of a food establishment conducted to determine compliance with the Houston Food Ordinance.

Facility type
Day care center - packaged foods only

This is a day care center serving packaged foods that are bottled, canned, cartoned, securely bagged, or securely wrapped. Beverages that are non-potentially hazardous may be distributed from covered urns.


A status of Open indicates the establishment met city requirements with only minor violations or did not have violations during the inspection. An establishment that corrects violations during the inspection may also receive this status.


Temperature measuring device, food. Food temperature measuring devices accurate to ±02°F in the intended range of use not provided / not used to assure attainment and maintenance of proper internal cooking, holding, or refrigeration temperatures of all time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food if the thermometers are scaled only in Fahrenheit. If the thermometers are scaled in Celsius or dually scaled, they shall be accurate to ±01°C in the intended range of use. A temperature measuring device with a suitable small-diameter probe that is designed to measure the temperature of thin masses not provided / not readily accessible to accurately measure the temperature in thin foods, such as meat patties and fish fillets.

  • Result: Violation

Using chemicals for sanitization. When using chemicals for sanitization, a test kit or other device that accurately measures the concentration of the solution in parts per million or milligrams per liter not provided and used.

  • Result: Violation

Hand-washing sink installation. At least the minimum number of hand-washing sinks as required by applicable laws not provided. If approved and capable of removing the types of soils encountered in the food operations involved, automatic hand-washing facilities may be substituted for hand-washing lavatories in a food establishment that has at least one hand-washing sink.

  • Result: Violation

Construction. Walls, including nonsupporting partitions / wall coverings / ceilings, of walk-in refrigerating units / food preparation areas / food storage areas / food display areas / equipment-washing areas / utensil-washing areas not light-colored / smooth / nonabsorbent / easily cleanable except for ceilings over areas used only for beverage preparation and/or service. Concrete or pumice blocks used for interior wall construction in these locations shall be finished and sealed to provide an easily cleanable surface except in dry storage areas.

  • Result: Violation
20-25(c): Construction, remodeling of food establishment generally

Establishment operating prior to pre-operational inspection to determine compliance with approved plans/ specifications.

  • Result: Violation

Owning / operating / causing to be operated a food establishment without the person in charge having in his possession a Food Service Manager's Certification issued by the department.

  • Result: Violation, Repeat

Food establishment failed to maintain on premises a certificate of completion of the food handler course for each food employee.

  • Result: Violation
Other known inspections
June 1, 2018
June 1, 2018

Posted to 3100 HILLCROFT HOUSTON TX, 77057

This was posted to 3100 HILLCROFT HOUSTON TX, 77057

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