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Added Jun 16 2018

Inspection date
June 13, 2018
Business name
Routine inspection

This is an unannounced inspection of a food establishment conducted to determine compliance with the Houston Food Ordinance.

Facility type
Restaurant - single service

Single service indicates the establishment uses disposable tableware (glasses, utensils, etc.).

Closed temporarily

A status of Closed temporarily indicates the establishment had serious violations that were not corrected during the inspection. The business must correct the violations promptly and comply with city requirements as needed. The health department will conduct a reinspection within a specified time limit. This status is also given if the establishment did not correct numerous or serious violations during the inspection.


Applicability of article; compliance; penalty for violation; variances, etc. Operating a food service / processing establishment not conforming to requirements of article II.

  • Result: Violation

General. The internal temperature of time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food not maintained at 41°F (05°C) or below or 135°F (57°C) or above at all times, except as otherwise provided in this article or unless a packaged product is so labeled as exempted and approved by the appropriate state or federal health authority.

  • Result: Violation, Corrected On Site

Refrigerated storage. Refrigeration facilities. Each mechanically refrigerated facility storing time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food shall be provided with numerically scaled indicating thermometer, accurate to 3°F if scaled in Fahrenheit only. . Recording thermometers, accurate to 3°F if scaled in Fahrenheit only, may be used in lieu of indicating thermometers. Thermometers that are scaled in Celsius or dually scaled in Celsius and Fahrenheit shall be designed to be easily readable and accurate to ±(1.05°C) in the intended range of use.

  • Result: Violation

Reheating for hot holding. Steam tables / bainmaries / warmers / similar hot food holding facilities may not be used for the rapid reheating of time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) foods. Prohibited hot food holding facility used for rapid reheating of time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food.

  • Result: Violation, Corrected On Site

Water under pressure. Hot water is greater than or equal to 100°F (38°C) but less than 105°F (41°C). Minimum acceptable temperature is 110°F (43°C) except as specified in section 20-21.12(d)(02) and 20-21.19(b) of this code. Hot water generation and distribution systems shall be sufficient to meet the peak hot water demand throughout the food establishment.

  • Result: Violation

Hand-washing sink supplies. Supply of hand-cleansing liquid / powder / bar soap not available at each hand-washing sink or group of two adjacent hand-washing sinks.

  • Result: Violation

Owning / operating / causing to be operated a food preparation area without the food service manager having in his possession a Food Service Manager's Certification issued by the department.

  • Result: Violation

Food establishment failed to maintain on premises a certificate of completion of the food handler course for each food employee.

  • Result: Violation
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Posted to 3651 WESLAYAN HOUSTON TX, 77027

This was posted to 3651 WESLAYAN HOUSTON TX, 77027

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