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Added Jan 27 2018

Inspection date
January 25, 2018
Business name
Routine inspection

This is an unannounced inspection of a food establishment conducted to determine compliance with the Houston Food Ordinance.

Facility type
Restaurant - full service

Full service indicates the establishment can use tableware (glasses, utensils, etc.) more than once.


A status of Open indicates the establishment met city requirements with only minor violations or did not have violations during the inspection. An establishment that corrects violations during the inspection may also receive this status.


Refrigerated storage. Refrigeration facilities. The sensor of a temperature measuring device shall be located to measure the air temperature or a simulated product temperature in the warmest part of the mechanically refrigerated unit and designed to be easily readable.

  • Result: Violation

General. Contamination event. Food establishment without written procedures for employees to follow when responding to vomiting or diarrheal events.

  • Result: Violation

Materials; general. Canvas cloths. With the exception of approved easily cleanable belts on equipment used for the conveying or shaping and conveying of bakery products in the precooked stage and napkins used when serving bread and rolls, use of canvas cloths or other cloth materials as food-contact surfaces is prohibited.

  • Result: Violation

Cleaning frequency. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment not cleaned as often as is necessary to keep the equipment free of accumulation of dust, dirt, food particles, and other debris.

  • Result: Violation

Floors. Floors and floor coverings of all food preparation, food storage, utensil-washing areas, walk-in refrigerating units, dressing rooms, locker rooms, and toilet rooms shall be maintained in good repair.

  • Result: Violation
20-25(a): Construction, remodeling of food establishment generally

Food establishment construction / remodeling / alterations begun before submitting properly prepared plans / specifications for approval.

  • Result: Violation

Owning / operating / causing to be operated a food establishment without the person in charge having in his possession a Food Service Manager's Certification issued by the department.

  • Result: Violation
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Posted to 920 UVALDE HOUSTON TX, 77015

This was posted to 920 UVALDE HOUSTON TX, 77015

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