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Added Jan 25 2018

Inspection date
January 24, 2018
Business name
Routine inspection

This is an unannounced inspection of a food establishment conducted to determine compliance with the Houston Food Ordinance.

Facility type
Restaurant - single service

Single service indicates the establishment uses disposable tableware (glasses, utensils, etc.).


A status of Open indicates the establishment met city requirements with only minor violations or did not have violations during the inspection. An establishment that corrects violations during the inspection may also receive this status.


Wiping cloths. Moist cloths used for wiping food spills on kitchenware and food-contact surfaces of equipment not clean / not rinsed frequently in one of the sanitizing solutions permitted in section 20-21.12(e)(02) through (06) of this code / used for no other purpose. These cloths shall be stored in the sanitizing solution between uses.

  • Result: Violation

Backflow. An air gap between the water supply inlet and the flood level rim of the plumbing fixture / equipment / or nonfood equipment not at least twice the diameter of the water supply inlet and may not be less than 25 mm (1 inch). A backflow or backsiphonage prevention device installed on a water supply system shall meet American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) standards for construction, installation, maintenance, inspection, and testing for that specific application and type of device. A backflow prevention device shall be located so that it can be serviced and maintained. A hose shall not be attached to a faucet unless a backflow prevention device is installed.

  • Result: Violation

Hand-washing sink supplies. Hand-washing sink or group of adjacent hand-washing sinks not provided with individual, disposable towels / a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel / a hand-drying device providing heated air or a hand-drying device that employs an air-knife system that delivers high velocity, pressurized air at ambient temperatures.

  • Result: Violation, Corrected On Site

Hand-washing sink faucets. Hand-washing sink not equipped to provide water at a temperature of at least 100°F (38°C) through a mixing valve or combination faucet. Hand-washing sinks in facilities providing custodial care for preschool age children that are used only by the children may provide only cold running water.

  • Result: Violation

General. At least 10 foot candles (110 lux) of light not provided at a distance of 30 inches (75 cm) above the floor in walk-in refrigeration units / dry food storage areas / other areas and rooms during periods of cleaning.

  • Result: Violation

Protective shielding. light bulbs not shielded / coated / otherwise shatter-resistant in areas where there is exposed food, clean equipment / utensils / linens / unwrapped single-service or single-use articles, except as specified in subitems a and b of this item Shielded / coated / otherwise shatter-resistant bulbs need not be provided in areas used only for storing food and single-service articles in unopened packages if the integrity of the packages cannot be affected by broken glass falling onto them and the packages are capable of being cleaned of debris from broken bulbs before the packages are opened.

  • Result: Violation
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Posted to 1819 W MOUNT HOUSTON RD HOUSTON TX, 77038

This was posted to 1819 W MOUNT HOUSTON RD HOUSTON TX, 77038

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