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Added Dec 20 2017

Inspection date
December 18, 2017
Business name
Routine inspection

This is an unannounced inspection of a food establishment conducted to determine compliance with the Houston Food Ordinance.

Facility type
Restaurant - full service

Full service indicates the establishment can use tableware (glasses, utensils, etc.) more than once.


A status of Open indicates the establishment met city requirements with only minor violations or did not have violations during the inspection. An establishment that corrects violations during the inspection may also receive this status.


General. Using shipping containers / milk / produce crates as storage racks / support shelves.

  • Result: Violation, Repeat

Refrigerated storage. Date marking of ready to eat foods. Time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) / ready to eat food opened / prepared / packaged and held refrigerated for more than 24 hours not clearly marked to indicate “time food is opened / prepared” and “disposition date”.

  • Result: Violation, Repeat

Refrigerated storage. Refrigeration facilities. Each mechanically refrigerated facility storing time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food shall be provided with numerically scaled indicating thermometer, accurate to 3°F if scaled in Fahrenheit only. . Recording thermometers, accurate to 3°F if scaled in Fahrenheit only, may be used in lieu of indicating thermometers. Thermometers that are scaled in Celsius or dually scaled in Celsius and Fahrenheit shall be designed to be easily readable and accurate to ±(1.05°C) in the intended range of use.

  • Result: Violation

Hair restraint. While handling food or utensils, food employees not wearing effective hair restraints and clothing that covers body hair to prevent the contamination of food or food-contact surfaces. An effective hair restraint means any cap / hat / hair net made of fabric / cord / plastic / paper that effectively covers and holds hair in place. The use of effective hair restraints also applies to any exposed scalp or facial hair where there is the potential for contamination of food or food-contact surfaces. An effective hair restraint shall also be used in the partial or complete absence of scalp hair to preclude touching of the scalp and returning to food handling without hand-washing. Facial hair restraints are not be required when facial hair is well-groomed and trimmed.

  • Result: Violation

Materials; general. Multi-use equipment and utensils not designed, constructed and repaired with safe materials, including finishing materials / not corrosion-resistant and nonabsorbent / not smooth, easily cleanable and durable under conditions of normal use.

  • Result: Violation

Testing of the final rinse temperature not done by means of an irreversible registering temperature indicator or heat sensitive indicating paper traveling through the final rinse chamber in the same manner as equipment and utensils, at the dish level during a normal rinse cycle.

  • Result: Violation, Repeat

Hand-washing sink supplies. Hand-washing sink or group of adjacent hand-washing sinks not provided with individual, disposable towels / a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel / a hand-drying device providing heated air or a hand-drying device that employs an air-knife system that delivers high velocity, pressurized air at ambient temperatures.

  • Result: Violation

Maintenance. Walls / ceilings, including doors, windows, skylights, and similar closures, not kept clean.

  • Result: Violation, Repeat

General. At least 50 foot-candles (540 lux) of light not provided at a surface where a food employee may be working with food / with utensils / with equipment such as knives / slicers / grinders / saws where employee safety is a factor.

  • Result: Violation, Repeat

Special ventilation. Filters not cleaned at sufficient frequency to prevent accumulation.

  • Result: Violation, Repeat
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Posted to 1855 BARKER CYPRESS HOUSTON TX, 77084

This was posted to 1855 BARKER CYPRESS HOUSTON TX, 77084

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