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Mon, May 28, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Added May 19 2018

Love Dreadlocks MicroLocs!! Me too

I am excited to have this honor to be able to share with you. I am a stay at home mom/work from home mom. I make my own scehdule, have more leverage over my time, enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. There is nothing greater then changing lives by saving women countless hours of stress about the health of their hair. So I've created this course to spread the freedom and versatility of having tiny locs.

Adding this skill into your arsenal of natural hair care by learning the art of cultivated locs is awesome. In this DIY LIVE course Creating tiny dreadlocks aka Microlocs or Tiny locs, which is a cute name we gave them here at Candi Sweets Beauty. Youll learn this quick and easy process to start micro dreadlocks with braids, twist, or interlocks, anyone can catch on thats why we teach ages as young as 16. Could your teenage daughter be interested in earning some extra cash. Great! bring her along!

YouTube is a great place to learn all the latest hair trends, so to add to what you've learned, we can teach you how to create custom hand crafted dreadlocks smaller then 1/2in, properly and professionally for long healthy free flowing hair. The military has now authorized this style, so it's great for soldiers or those who travel the world, because the size is easy to self maintain.

We spill all the tea on the products and tools to use. Plus since Were LIVE youll be able to ask countless questions and learn tricks to create unlimited sets of voluminous small sized locs for other women men and children if you like. It doesnt matter whether your a DIYer, a beginner or advance hairstylist, all the basics are covered. Microlocs are popping up everywhere, so having a skilled trade in a niche area can come in handy creating a dependable hairstyle and an extra stream of income into your household or just to maintain your little ones hair if you like !!

For those interested in turning it into a home based business, you can check your local stylist online by googling "Microlocks" or Interlocks" to find out your earning potential. In most cases you could earn a minimum of $20/hr-$50/hr and/or $200-$500 a day, doing it part time or full time, the possibilities are endless. Its a great way to start teens on a small business also especially if they have an interest in braiding hair. This is a limited time offer! So come join us

The PRE-SALE hands on version is $750. After the early brid Pre Sale tickets are sold out only the general admission tickets for $1000 will be avaible. You will make you first deposit (non refundable) of $250 plus event brite fees will be paid now when you purchase your ticket, then the remaining balance will be due at the door in cash during registration. The look and learn version is $500 with deposit of $100.

With attendance youll also receive

A basic Private Practice Kit which includes

* Tote Bag
* 3B-4C Natural Hair mannequin
* Spray bottle
* Rat tail comb
* Wide tooth comb
* Wet brush
* Duck bill Clips
* Single prong clips
* Alligator clips
* Tape measure
* Ruler
* Short Shampoo cape
* Short Styling cape
* Set of Crochet hook tools
For an added extra bonus you will also be able to purchase more tools to support you in your craft, so be sure to bring spare cash should you decide to add some more of our recommended secret weapons ;)

Heres our training Agenda:

9am Registration and Ice Breakers


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Getting to know your tools


Module 3: understanding hair

Module 4: mastering the grid


Module 5: parting Sectioning

Module 6: hand-locking 101

Lunch break

Module 7: your first project (Mannequin)

Module 8: your first client


Module 9 creating custom grids

Module 10: maintaining your masterpiece

Module 11: Repairing made easy


One on One questions and solutions

1.5 hours of Practice

feedback form

Certificate ceremony

Video Testimonials, and Pictures

Wooooooh What a day but it will be exciting

Recommeded Airport:

William H. Hobby

Southwest airlines

Posted to Candi Sweets Beauty (2806 Truxillo St)

This event was posted to Candi Sweets Beauty (2806 Truxillo St)

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